Planning on yet another early start Sunday out exploring locally with a couple of friends. Doing the less exciting prep work this afternoon – Cleaning lenses, deciding what kit to pack. I am trying to reduce the amount of stuff I bring out each time but just gathered a few more first aid bits. Might do a post at some point about what equiptment I do bring for different scenarios but for now just a quick post to get into the blogging habbit as much as anything else.

Tomorrow’s plans currently include 3 sites. One is very local and I have been to recently although I am hoping to see a little more of it as there a few buildings and have just cracked one so far. Security is a bit unpredictable so going to need my wits about me. The second on the list I have been trying to do for about 9 months but have never gotten around to it for some reason. It’s underground and  ticks all my urban exploring boxes :). Third is a site I know but want to show to my friends who I don’t believe have been – nice to be the tour guide instead of the tourist for once.

Right, food’s ready so will let you know how we get on.



One thought on “Prep

  1. Quick update: Tunnel we had our eyes on was locked when we went so no joy there. Only got time to visit one more – an old shipyard and it’s offices, workshops etc. Was good fun even though I had been before. Found some interesting bits and bobs – hence the Artifacts article. Cheers.

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