Jet Engine Development Complex

This weekend I finally managed to visit a site I have been desperate to see for over a year. I enjoy all sorts of different aspects of urban exploration although heavy industry is a particular passion and this place delivers by the shed-load in that particular area.

Test House

Admirality Test House

Those familiar with industrial urbex may be familiar with this infamous site used to design and test jet engines since the 1950s. The buildings here gave birth to the engines used in the Concorde, the Harrier Jump-Jet and the Typhoon amongst others. It is the biggest complex of it’s type in the world.

Quite a lot of effort was required for this site in terms of travel, planning, gaining entry, avoiding detection etc etc but, once in, the rewards were massive. I have been to quite a few derelictions now but can honestly say that none so far come close to the scale or the sheer industrial sexiness of this one. Not only is she massive with a variety of different buildings including it’s own power station (not sub-station, although it has a few of those – it’s own purpose-built power station…This is HEAVY industry!) but some areas of the site are still very active. Straying into these areas could, because of the nature of the site, land you in very hot water which means that you need to do serious planning and research before even heading off if you want to keep out of trouble.

Due to time constrains, failing light and the huge area to cover, I was not even able to get to the best bits of this place yet so a revisit may be in order. I will of course keep the blog updated if and when I get that sorted. Meanwhile, I will leave you all with a few choice shots from the day to enjoy…

Control Room

Power Station

MrDystopia In Power Station


Main Workshop


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