I joined some friends old and new for a long weekend exploring some of the best abandoned locations Belgium had to offer. The weather and accommodation was variable but the beer cheap and the company good. Highlights included an unscheduled visit to a gigantic steelworks which we had entirely to ourselves, a surgical early-morning visit to the cathedral-like CDC building and getting a nice bit of exercise being chased out of town by the incredibly enthusiastic security at the IM power plant. Low points include choosing to camp in tents while the temperatures were still below zero and being chased out of IM before getting to see inside the main facility.


IM Cooling Tower


Heavy Metal Steelworks


Bowling Mill


TB Hospital


The Crypt




Colliery H


SS Hospital


Treehouse Manor


Dolhain Wool Washers


Piscine S


What urbex road-trip would be complete without a look out onto the hotel rooftop 9 floors up.

I dare say I will be posting a few more photos from the trip since I have hundreds and found it extremely difficult narrowing it down to just this handful but this should give you a little taste of the number and variety of abandoned locations available to an urban explorer in Belgium. …When can I go back? 🙂



2 thoughts on “Belgium

  1. Awesome work mate, so many cool locations. I’m definitely up for joining you on the next trip!! CDC and the crypt are among my faves of the bunch but that cow at the TB hospital couldn’t have been better timed 🙂 props.

  2. All these look amazing, I’m trying to organise a trip to Belgium with my explorer comrade, I didn’t realise there were so many places to see!

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