Medieval Theme Park

The owners of this closed theme-park were wasting no time in dismantling the attractions and selling off rides to the highest bidder. Unsure of the exact situation with regards to security and on-site personnel, we employed as much stealth as possible and entered in the dead of night.

A crane now sits where we were hoping to find the second rollercoaster.

A big load of balls

Ghost-train goul.

Many of the rides had already gone including an entire rollercoaster and a big wheel but there was still a great deal left to explore and photograph.

Obviously, I have no way of knowing what was beyond this gate šŸ™‚


At about this time, one of us who had a better vantage point from atop the rollercoaster, came legging it back down saying that we were shortly to be greeted by the site’s security staff. That was our cue to leave so we packed up quickly and made a brisk pace towards the neighbouring woods.

…stopping for the odd photo on the way out.

A final shot as we bid the park farewell.



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