Megatron – Subterranian Sheffield

I have lost count of the times that I have planned a trip to visit this one. There was always something preventing plans going ahead. Be it excess rainfall, sub-zero temperatures, people not being able to make it, it felt at times like I would never get to see the maze of tunnels beneath the Steel City.

The river Sheaf, from which Sheffield derives it’s name, and it’s tributaries began to be culverted over in the 1860s. As one might expect, the process was very sporadic as the city expanded and, gradually, more and more was covered and forgotten. This start-stop building work is evident in the tunnel construction as every stretch seems to employ a different style and technique.

Urban poetry

Back-breakingly low ceiling.

Yes, this really is as big as it looks.

Luckily the new waders stayed watertight for the duration of our time down there – sadly, not the case for the other two members of our party. Now I have explored the layout of the place it’s time to plan a return visit with some nice light-painting 🙂



One thought on “Megatron – Subterranian Sheffield

  1. Such an interesting and slightly spooky location. Would love to go their my self and have a poke around. Great images can’t wait to see the light painted versions.

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