Pigeon Church

One could be forgiven for mistaking this façade for a civic building of some variety. Without the ornate spires, decorations or windows I would normally associate with religiosity, the former life of the place is quite well concealed.


This is not one for the feint-hearted though, ‘Pigeon Church’ lives up to it’s name and the current inhabitants have left quite a mess. I have come across all sorts of nasty stuff left at derelict places – asbestos, corrosive chemicals, hyperdermics – but in terms of actual danger posed to the careful explorer, pigeon droppings carry so many unpleasant diseases and are so easily transmitted that the asbestos and co. are not even worth worrying about by comparison. Still we braved it and tried not to think about all that while trying not to touch anything…or breath.




On the balcony platform the hygiene situation was slightly better, but at least one of our party nearly fell clean through one of the various holes in the floor. Health & Safety assessors would have a field day in this place!




What, in the poor lighting, I thought was a sloping roof was, upon closer inspection, a flat ceiling in the process of collapsing under it’s own weight. The wall on the right was also about 20 degrees off kilter. No sooner had I realised all this than I saw a large quantity of plaster spontaneously crumble away from the far corner of the ceiling – our cue to leave, I think.


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