The Bowling Mill

Nestled at the edge of a suburban patch of Belgium, The Bowling Mill is an impressive yet ill-fated example of diversification. Part windmill, part medieval-themed bar and part bowling alley, this building has a confused, almost schizophrenic feel to it. It’s purpose for being has clearly leapt to and fro in search of ever-elusive profits until eventually the owners were forced to admit defeat and close the doors for one last time.




I was pleasantly surprised to find mirrors, windows and monitors intact as the glass is often the first victim once the vandals get in. This is one of the reasons I love Belgium for urban exploration – there seems to be a lot wanton destruction of heritage and property when compared with the UK.



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Climbing the ladders to reach the higher levels of the mill was precarious at best. The place has been exposed to the elements for quite a long time and this has clearly taken it’s toll on the slowly-rotting wooden ladders; most of the rungs now reduced to inch-long stubs protruding from the edge.


I realised the dodgy climbs were worth the trouble on seeing the inner workings of the mill almost entirely intact and in immaculate condition. No wonder the others in our party almost left without me – I practically needed dragging away from this place.


Thanks – I hope you enjoyed!



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