Crown Courts

I have been trying in vain to organise a trip to these old city-centre courts for some time. So, when a fellow explorer asked for suggestions for a last-minute expedition around that part of the country I wasted no time suggesting we finally give it a go.


Main Entrance

Agreeing to meet the others at the site, I faced a through-the-night cycle, coach ride and very long walk but, when you want a place as much as I wanted this one it seems like a fair trade-off. On top of this, those familiar with this building will know that, getting inside requires nerves of steel as it is about the least discrete route in as can be imagined. I bruised and scraped myself rotten and was less than graceful but it was certainly worth all the trouble, I hope you’ll agree.


Court one’s large waiting hall.

The grand ornate entrance to courtroom one.

The press are afforded a small cupboard of a room in the corridor leading to the court proper.

The view of one of the larger court rooms from the viewing balcony.


Back Offices



Given the state of that floor I would maybe look for another route out in the event of a fire.

Clock Tower

Who doesn’t love a good clock-tower?

Cells & Basement

As I ventured down into the depths of the basement sounds of the early morning city street made it’s way through grates and vents. This was a stark contrast to the usual eerie silence experienced in the more out-of-the way asylums and factories.







The cells

I hope you enjoyed the tour.



3 thoughts on “Crown Courts

  1. Really nice post pal! you have some cracking angles and alot of good perspectives of this place which I hadnt seen before! well done! cant choose faves this time theres far too many top notch ones!

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