The Cornish Works – Part Two

Following a visit earlier in the year which only allowed me enough time to cover about half the site, I recently got to pop back and explore the missed parts. Running around the rooms of this place in the midday heat was probably a bad idea. Was ready to drop by the end. Still, glad I got to go back. I think this is the sort of place where you can go back time and time again, always finding new shots and angles. This will probably not be my last visit.



I was pleased to find the light was just as nice as it was on the previous visit.




Being a little less rushed this time, I was able to go back and got the shots right that I either was not happy with or ran out of time to take properly last time.



9303084661_029008d777_k   9303049173_4cd790bfa1_o



9305102070_701668114d_k   9302573747_10be9ae89c_k

Thanks. Let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to share this post if you like it.



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