Holly Cadence – Seminary Shoot

I recently had the pleasure of working with the lovely and professional local model, Holly Alexandra Cadence. Coming from urban exploration photography, this is a relatively new endeavour for me although I have taken to it with gusto and quickly built up firm ideas about what would be needed for the look I wanted. This meant a resolute lack of compromise and finding a model with a bit of bottle, a head for heights and who is not afraid of a few cobwebs. I had selected a perfect location and, thanks to the marvels of Facebook, found a model who, with a little trepidation, agreed to follow a stranger off of the internet into an abandoned building.

The building in question was a long-abandoned Catholic seminary college once used to train priests for a life of religion. It is large, grand and varied playing host to towers, corridors, rooms of all shapes and sizes and even a beautifully preserved and grade II listed chapel.

Wanting to make sure I had the required level of creative control for the shoot, I ended up bringing a small mountain of equipment into the seminary. It was definitely the correct decision despite the logistical problems – a portable lighting rig made all the difference turning nice compositions into well-lit portraits with a gritty decaying backdrop. Holly took well to the unconventional location and was a joy to work with, possessing just the right punky looks to complement the grungy and decaying setting.












You can find more from Holly here. And, if you are a model or stylist liking my work, why not contact me ( dystopiaphotography@gmail.com ) to arrange some collaboration (TfP only at the moment).

Thanks 🙂



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