Going Mainstream/Selling Out

Dystopia Photography started life a year and a half ago primarily as an outlet for my hobbyist shots of abandoned buildings around the UK and Europe. It was somewhere I would not be held back by anyone else’s idea of how things should be done – the urban exploration community is annoyingly politically fractious. When posting on many community forums I often found my hands tied and needed somewhere that I could share my work in a way of my own choosing.

As time moved on and blog posts piled up, I visited more and more impressive places with a vast range of talented and interesting explorers. I was contacted by artists, reporters, academics and TV producers all of whom gave me the distinct impression that I might be able to push this photography lark further. As I met and explored with more and more of the community, I would discuss all aspects of photography and other exploring-related areas which acted as quite an intensive education. I found myself thinking less and less like an explorer with a camera; more and more like a photographer who happened to be at a uninhabited location.


Lighting tests in the studio

And so I found myself studying a photography degree at the local college, purchasing studio lighting kit and taking orders for little pieces of work here and there. I was organising model shoots in abandoned chapels and hospitals and things had suddenly moved a long way since I started out. You see, it turns out photons are pretty much the same whether they bounce around inside an abandoned colliery or a photography studio.


So, while I will always have a penchant for decay and peeling paint, you should expect to see a little less dystopia at Dystopia Photography and a little more variety in future. To celebrate this, I’ll post a few pictures from a recent shoot with a charity runner who I recently did some work for.









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