Franco-Belgian Urbex Road-Trip

Months in the planning, 1,000 miles driven, explorers from England, Scotland and Wales join forces to spend 4 days exploring some of the best abandoned locations in Belgium and France. This was to be, in every sense, an epic urbex road-trip.

I will, of course, be writing full-length blog posts for each site once I get some time but, in the meantime I wanted to provide readers with a quick preview of what to expect from over 2,000 pictures taken. We were battling limited daylight hours throughout and this seriously affected how many locations we could properly explore before we lost daylight. However, we opted for quality over quantity.

Tapioca Farm886150_10152026141763815_1703842458_o

Château Gramophone1398677_10152023239173815_200838100_o

La Bobbins Clothing Factory 1403239_10152031858293815_2078994427_o

Villa Hector1404989_10152026164438815_1165992456_o

Horror Labs921659_10152032145648815_241329789_o


Prison H151460282_10152027730568815_1712306866_n

Schola CLXXV Monastery1403390_558385044231991_1749004532_o

Hope you’re looking forward to seeing the finished reports on each site as much as me. It was an amazing trip and thanks to everyone who was involved – you all know who you are!

It was an amazing trip with some firsts including my first abandoned prison – Seriously, this was as incredible as it sounds.

Watch this space for more soon…



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