Horror Labs

A few days ago I heard some disappointing but inevitable news. I received comfirmation of rumours that the Belgian vetinary college, known as Horror Labs owing to its basement full of preserved organs, heads and limbs, had finally been gutted (so to speak).


It was certainly not for everyone, but the gruesome kaleidoscope of formaldehyde-soaked body parts in jars was something of a landmark on the Belgium urbex scene and pretty unique. Sad though it is to hear that the building has been cleared, I consider myself very lucky to have managed to take a look in it’s final days.


Many of the college buildings have already been fully converted to housing leaving only this final building with grim clues to it’s former incarnation hidden in it’s depths.

This being the end of our trip and the final location, I was determined, despite exhaustion and sleep-deprivation, to make the most of this peculiar building.


Once we made our way inside I split off to start at the top and work my way down.






The lecture theatre has seen better days.







As I made my way through the basement towards the famous room or jars, I was bracing myself for the smell of putrid decay and organic decomposition. Be it down to the preservation method or simply the length of time they had sat there, I was relived and surprised to find there was very little smell whatsoever. That said, I stopped short of touching anything since the jars seemed to have developed odd gloopy residues I had no intention of transferring to my hands.


IMG_8930-Edit     IMG_8952-Edit  IMG_8944-Edit



As I said, Horror Labs is probably not for everyone but, as a photographer, I found the place grimly fascinating and a perfect way to say goodbye to Belgium…until the next trip.




2 thoughts on “Horror Labs

  1. Cracking report pal! you covered this place real good! some great shots of the rest of the building the the usual reports normally lack! very nice!

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