Revisit Day

A few months ago, some urban explorer friends invited me along to visit some of the local attractions in my neighbourhood. I was only too happy to tag along and see how some old favourites were weathering the elements.

The Seminary

The local Catholic seminary college is an interesting dereliction. Beautiful and exciting to explore, one half has been abandoned for decades. And yet, the adjoining remainder of the vast building is occupied and in use by academia with staff and numerous regular visitors coming and going.

The sections are separated by bricked up doorways but, nonetheless, this does add an extra air of danger to one’s unauthorised visits.


The crowning jewel of the seminary has always been the Grade II listed chapel. These days it is certainly feeling the effect of years of decay and neglect. However, despite windows being boarded and pews being thrown into messy piles, I still enjoy standing inside my own private ornate chapel.




The rest of the seminary is much easier to access and, as such, has fallen prey to the usual vandalism and ugly graffiti tagging. Such a shame but sadly inevitable when these places are left for so long.




The Asylum Chapel

After a failed attempt to get inside another local lunatic asylum, we stopped by this asylum chapel. The rest of the asylum is undergoing redevelopment and, at this point, is an uninteresting building site. It’s chapel however, is almost untouched despite being abandoned for many years. Amazingly, the chapel’s organ sits inside in good condition…well, OK – terrible condition but is recognisable as a church organ and makes for some lovely shots.



Given enough time nature always finds a way inside. Some of my favourite images come from such scenes where wildlife intrudes upon the decaying urban structure.







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