Location Fashion Shoot

Light is universal. When you learn lessons about how best to light your subject in-studio, there is absolutely nothing stopping you applying that same knowledge to locations outside of the stuffy photo studio. Sure, it’s easier to manage all the variables if you are in a closed-off room but then where is the challenge? šŸ™‚

It was with that in mind, I decided to set up an outdoor fashion shoot using studio lighting …and a rather beefy battery pack. A model by the name of Costa Toulis was kind enough to offer his services as was Jess Bell who acted as my lighting assistant for the evening.


I am a firm believer that, even the most uninspiring of locations has potential if you apply a little creativity and imagination. It is all about framing and lighting to bring a sense of interest to your backdrop.

_MG_5842-Edit _MG_5818-Edit

The biggest single challenge when producing an outdoor shoot is balancing your own lighting with the ambient sunlight. Easier said than done. You can circumvent the problem and forgo the flash lighting entirely – natural light often looks beautiful but is very difficult to predict and control. The benefit of correctly-balanced studio lighting outside is that you can ensure your model is lit brightly and creatively while ensuring the background and sky are at exactly the level you need.

_MG_5804You can even add a subtle coloured edge-light to your images if you wish. Tip: if you’re using colours over your lights, try to remember your masking tape – or, in my case, your helpful assistant.


As usual, I was faced with my personal area of weakness – model pose direction. But, thankfully, Costa interpreted my vague mumblings like a true professional creating some very effective poses._MG_5797


I was very pleased with the outcome of what was essentially a very informal last-minute shoot. The success has convinced me to plan some similar shoots as soon as I get the opportunity.




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