Triumphant Portraits

As part of a workplace portrait project I am currently working on, I got in contact with the chaps at Triumph North-East in Newcastle. I wanted to capture a series of portraits outside in the forecourt, amongst the bikes.


If you saw my post covering the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, you will know that we got chatting and I was asked along to cover the well-dressed send-off on top of agreeing to schedule a series of portrait images.


Such is all too often the case in this country, the original time-slot was rained off. I have it on good authority that rain and high-voltage lighting equiptment generally don’t get along. However, since I was keen to hold out and go for outdoor shots in the forecourt, we rescheduled for later that day. By the time I finally arrived and started setting up, the sun was out in full force.


The staff were all very accomodating and patient as I fiddled about with lighting positions and intensities. A never-ending task as the sun peeked in and out of the cloudy skies.


Eventually I thanked Matt and the staff packing up my small mountain of equiptment while I waited for a taxi. Very pleased with the images as they came out and very much hope the guys at Triumph approve.





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